Symphony “From the New World” (Goin’ Home)

Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904): Largo from the Symphony From the New World, Op. 95.

This is the second movement of the most famous symphony composed by Dvořák. He  wrote it during the period he lived in the United States, inspired by Native American music. Dvořák’s pupil William Arms Fisher wrote the lyrics for the pentatonic melody, obtaining a spiritual-like song whose title is Goin’ Home.

In the measures 11 to 14, the recorders will divide into two groups. If the song is played by only one recorder, it will play the upper line.

Transcription for recorder and piano by Massimo Pennesi. This interactive score was published first in the post El nuevo mundo y los derechos civiles, in the blog

Goin’ Home

Goin’ Home, transcription from the second movement of the Symphony “From the New World” by Dvořák, performed by Paul Robeson (1898-1976). Recorder live in the Carnegie Hall of New York, 1958.